• Initiating the project with a formal meeting at our Design Studio or an on-site visit, to comprehend the client's visions, design concepts, and specific requirements


delivery oversight & reveal

execution & procurement

detailed planning

  • Developing intricate design mood boards, intricate sketches, and comprehensive space plans, integrating initial materials and furnishings to convey the precise design intent

  • Detailed discussions on the budget and project timeline take place during this phase.

At Haute Design, we are here to help you create your dream space, or rebirth a new one. 

Let's work together

get inspired

  • Conducting on-site inspections to validate the installation of ordered finishes and materials at the project site

  • Verifying final furnishings orders upon receipt and coordinating their delivery to our warehouse in preparation for the upcoming project delivery

  • A moment of culmination when the client's vision harmoniously aligns with the designer's expertise, bringing the envisioned project into full reality. 

Our Design Process

  • Meticulously refining the design, generation of comprehensive space plan drawings, elevations, schedules, and essential construction documents vital for the project

  • Careful selections of materials and furnishings are made to ensure they align perfectly with the envisioned design
  • Presenting the selected materials and furnishings to the client, ensuring they fall within the allocated budget for final approval

  • Overseeing the procurement process, tracking orders, and providing monthly reports to the client for transparency