Haute Design is a full service interior design firm specializing in high-end residential, commercial, hospitality, and historic renovations.
Haute Design

Timeless. Inspired. Functional.

Environments that enhance your lifestyle while being tailored for each client and their story. We try to get inside the client's head and pull out their vision for the space (s) while truly customizing the design thats functional for their daily needs. The last thing we want is to follow trends or create a design that will be dated in upcoming months/years. Through a classical education and a trained eye, the passion within emerges to execute a well-designed space through the use of form, color and texture, furniture and architectural details. Further, the design evolves by the expression of gleaning the past and envisioning the future- all for the client's explicit interior design needs.

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A beautiful residence that brings together both modern and elegant touches throughout.

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